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SKU: 79875
5.4 ml
Dial-Up tube w/ built in brush
Eligible for FREE Shipping (Eligible for FREE Shipping)

Lip Glaze Shade Description

The lips are a focal point on your face, everyone looks at them when you speak, even when you are not, someone will be watching. What if you could have the glossy shine of a lip gloss AND the thick creamy opaque color of a lipstick. LIP GLAZE. Give them something beautiful to look at! 

Our Lip Glaze is made with an all natural base that is moisturizing, semi-glossy and creamier than any other Lip Glaze around. 

Our Lip Glaze is easy to apply by first applying Lip Eraser on your lips and then and applying our silky formula to your lips. Medium to completely opaque coverage depending on how you apply. Lip Glaze can be worn over lipstick or alone, bring some glossy silky color to your lips. 

*NEW PACKAGING* Price shown is for a 5.4ml tube with lip brush of Spectrum Cosmetics Lip Glaze. Same tube, now in classic black
Packaging may vary from pictured without notice, weight and quality will not (4.2 gram net weight product)
Spectrum Lip Glaze are packed by weight, not volume. Some product may settle during shipping, which gives the appearance of being less full. Please note, that each shade may appear slightly different on each computer or phone screen they do in real life this is true with any color spectrum. Due to the natural color ingredients some Lip Glaze may have a slightly different consistantly than others. Please note, like all Sp3ctrum products, Lip Glaze is made to order. Please see full details in our terms and conditions.
Ingredients: Monoi Oil, Castor Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Shea Oil, Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer, Vitamin E Oil, Carrot Oil; May include (+/-) D&C Red #6, D&C Red #7, D&C Red #27, D&C Red #30, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Mica

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sara, 06/30/2015

I finally got my order today. I know it was backordered but I wanted it now! I love the colors! I got Isis, zelda, Veronica and Charlize. I cant wait to buy more. I just hope it ships faster

Reviewed by Winter K., 06/30/2015

I bought 5 of these during a sale and it was great. they feel great on my lips, dont dry me out and are very bright. The shipping was slower than I expected but it was worth the wait.

Reviewed by Sammy D., 12/08/2014

I found these colors on ig and i didn't think they would be as bright and thick but I was reallyy surprised! I love Myrtle is my fav now. I can't wait to get more

Reviewed by Tinna Tran, 12/08/2014

My friend bought me a few lip glazes a year ago and now with all the new colors i had to get some more. They are not as runny as OCC lip tars but they are just as bold. I love that I dont have to worry about bleeding all over my face. even with the dark colors.

Reviewed by Kissface823, 12/08/2014

I thought I was in love with Melt Cosmetics blue until I met ISIS! It's so rich and creamy and not drying. It stays all day without fading and it smells so good. I put it on sometimes just to smell it. I get so many compliments on this color. I just wish the tubes were bigger

Reviewed by LovelyLi, 12/08/2014

LOVE! I brought during the Cyber Monday sale. The delivery was so fast and they smell sooooo good. Cupcakes or birthday cake I think. I got Lashontae, Charlize, Tammy, Amber and Myrtle. ALL amazing shades. I dn't have anything bad to say. I want them all now. Do more sales please, my pocket bookcan't take it.

Reviewed by Great products, 08/11/2014

Absolutely amazing stay power and great products. The site should list that the products are made to order though, instead of just being in the terms and conditions. Also the email portion should be fixed. It doesn't work for me at all.

Reviewed by Angie, 04/02/2014

I absolutely love these lip glazes i haven't found anything yet that compares to theses! I will definitely order from you again!!!!!

Reviewed by SMELLS SO GOOD!, 03/22/2014

I love the smell, like cupcakes! the color is rich and vibrant. It stains a little but that is to be expected. I need to try the new color on her IG. I can't wait until its available

Reviewed by dgrant79, 03/19/2014

I absolutely love this product! It's long lasting and rich in color. One of my favorite lipsticks!

Reviewed by MikaP, 03/19/2014

matte and super pigmented! such a beautiful payoff. stains a little

Reviewed by MissBerryBabbyy, 03/19/2014

I cannot live with out these I want every single color! I love the staying power and they don't go flakey or dehydrate your lips! The smell so so so good!

Reviewed by ThePrincessK, 03/18/2014

so many colors I got distracted on the page! They are so pigmented. last long but the reds stain. I guess thats a good thing tho

Reviewed by Andrea, 12/28/2013

I ordered Amber & Debra Ann and wasn't really impressed with Debra Ann as I thought I would be. I guess I needed to purchase the gloss & apply it on after to get close to the way it looks on the picture. I love Amber, but again it wasnt the exact color I expected. Maybe it's just me lol. I also agree with what someone else said, it doesn't look like you are getting much product for the price & packaging was disappointing. The delivery time was as to be expected & I was impressed with the constant correspondence between the Spectrum team & I.

Reviewed by DeeTruly, 11/22/2013

The colors are very pigmented and I love these. I bought 12 of these and the only thing I would change is the amount of product you get with each tube.

Reviewed by CossBBW, 11/22/2013

It did take a little bit of time to get these because I guess it was during a sale but OMG it was worth it! I love Veronica! I get so many compliments! I'm buying Myrtle next!

Reviewed by Jackie Cyrille, 10/31/2013

I absolutely love my lip glaze. They are rich and very vibrant. The color was extremely visible with just one application.

Reviewed by Ashley, 10/26/2013

I ordered Ashley and I absolutely love it ! It smells terrific and goes on PERFECT !!! Will be ordering more and more

Reviewed by Sherry FancyFace, 10/04/2013

I absolutely love love love Lip Glaze. I am a lipstick gloss person and this is both in one. Bold and love the texture. Im sold for life!! And Amber is so sweet love me some her! Oh and great for MUA last all day!!!

Reviewed by V. Bella, 09/27/2013

What can I say, Sp3ctrum does it again!! I have been infamous for not wearing any type of lipsticks or colorful glazes because I've always felt my lips were too pink and full. However, I was tempted to try out a few of these Lip Glazes and have gained a new confidence for lip wear. Every time I wear "Farrah" I receive compliments. I remember kissing my partner, eating, and being outside for hours and still had it on my lips! Impressive :)

Reviewed by Sin City MUA, 09/06/2013

I read some of the reviews and I totally agree!! This stuff is much better than Lip Tar. It didn't bleed and it's not messy. I mixed a few colors and got some great shades. This is a product that everyone needs in their kit

Reviewed by Tarya K, 09/06/2013


Reviewed by Lauren from NY, 09/06/2013

I bought this because I say it on Tae Heckard and I must say I love it and I'm so glad I did. It's really a lipstick AND a lip gloss. I wear it matte sometimes too. It's all of that in one! I should have known Tae would wear only the best!

Reviewed by S.DotCherry, 09/06/2013

Tae Heckard had this on her IG and she normally doesn't post what she's wearing so I had to try it. I bought Charlize and Tammy. Even though Charlize is a little too light for me, the coverage was awesome. I think I'm going to by Mytle next

Reviewed by J artist, 09/06/2013

if you apply with a lip brush you can really get great coverage wihtout using a lot. I apply very little and wear as a matte. It's so pigmented, you don't need a lot. I saw this on Lashontae and I had to try some. I love this product

Reviewed by Aly J., 08/25/2013

I wanted to try this because I saw that Tae Heckerd wears it. I order Charlize, Cassidy, Veronica and Brandy. The colors are so thick and deep. They are super smooth. I love them! I will be ordering more very soon

Reviewed by Khloe Shi, 08/25/2013

I was skeptical because I couldn't try the colors in person but they were the exact same as online. They are very opaque and cover very will. I need more!!

Reviewed by Jazzi, 08/25/2013

I got Amber because Rosa Acosta loves it and OMG I LOVE IT TOO! I want to try more. I wish there were a lot darker colors

Reviewed by Kye, 08/25/2013


Reviewed by ANeva Baliey, 08/25/2013

I like opaque lipstick. I tried OCC lip tars and they are too drippy. I love these because they are smooth like a lipstick but have a nice gloss. Im in love !

Reviewed by Yasmin Chris, 08/25/2013

I love this product! the colors are really flattering and the formula is long lasting and doesnt dry out my lips. the applicator brush is easy to use and precise so I don't have to buy another brush to apply this. I will definitely buy this again!

Reviewed by Kimmty, 08/25/2013

As an avid lipstick wearer I was excited by the prospect of a Lip Glaze. It does not lie, it is a matte glaze but there is virtually no staying power. It doesn't dry my lips so I still like it.

Reviewed by jessiduh, 08/25/2013

The Lip glaze deliver maximum pigment which is the quality that I love the most! Easy to apply and the included brush is just a plus not a necessity! I now own 8 of the lip glaze and I love each one! Great for someone into creating their own colors!

Reviewed by MUA Sandiee, 08/25/2013

Different texture than gloss/lipstick; it's more akin to putting actual paint on your lips. Fine by me as long as it lasts!
The "paint" texture means you should start with smooth, already-moisturized lips. I'm making another order right now

Reviewed by Makayla L, 08/25/2013

Great color and great coverage. I think the price is too high for an small business but I would buy again ruing a sell

Reviewed by Jasmine W., 07/07/2013

I received the lip glazes in Isis and Lauren and loved the products! It went on very smooth, the product was very creamy and very pigmented.

Reviewed by Atalee, 06/29/2013

I love Lip Glaze so much that I bought 4; Charlize, Farrah, Amber and Frank's Orange! It goes on very easily, the colors really pops! So if you're looking for a lipstick that's not flaky and stays on and is true to color, then I recommend you get any one of the great shades available!

Reviewed by Danielle McDowell, 06/29/2013

What can I say about lip glaze? Love love loooove them!!! Looks exactly how they looked in pics on instagram and they smell like delicious cake. I bought vanessa, peach, amber, roget.. I was sent a wrong color in error, but it was taken care of right away and I was also able to keep the one sent in error which was AWESOME and much appreciated so no complaints here. So keep up the good work Amber and I will be purchasing again..

Reviewed by MsFabHillary, 06/23/2013

Amazing color. It feels amazing to put on; very soft and rich, and hydrating. Favorite colors are Vanessa, Lauren and Nikkie! I want them all

Reviewed by Zyona, 06/23/2013

I saw this Amber color on Rosa Acosta and I had to have it! Its the perfect nude for me! I need one for ever purse I have

Reviewed by KaebFly, 06/23/2013

it lasts forever!!!!!!!!! even after making out.... and it only takes really little to cover whole lips...

Reviewed by SunflowerSara, 06/23/2013

I bought this is the color PEACHES. I was looking for something with a little more pink in it, and this is more peach than pink. It's still a beautiful color though. I wear it all the time.

Reviewed by JellyMel, 06/23/2013

Sp3ctrum really got these right. They are nicely pigmented and super hydrating. I chose Jacqueline, a gorgeous purple-y pink and Tammy, an earthy, reddish rose. They go on easily, like a lipgloss and I have yet to see any bleeding. My lips look and feel very soft & pampered!

Reviewed by Blue Paula MUA star, 06/23/2013

I like the texture and feel. And the smell!! OMG Cupcakes! The Summer color is darker and a bit orange/yellow on me, which is not what I was looking for at this time but I love it now!

Reviewed by Brittney Elliott, 03/17/2013

OMG I'm in love with your products, I must say your colors are diffently on point. I brought 7 colors and I will be ordering more!!

Reviewed by Shanasia, 03/17/2013

This product is awesome! Colors show up great with a nice gloss. I love adding more than one color together to create my own personalized look.

Reviewed by keiano, 03/17/2013

I'm a makeup fanatic and I've tried several different products...But none of them compare to lip glaze. Favorite product for my lips hands down and it won't break the bank!

Reviewed by teresa, 03/17/2013

Love Tiffany. And amber wish there was more in the tube. Lol

Reviewed by Sherille, 03/17/2013

I absolutely love the two lip glazed I ordered. I will be ordering again this week for 2 or 3. For once I don't have to buy a lip gloss to go with my lipstick.

Reviewed by D. Lee, 03/08/2013

I LOVE ISIS! I got some many looks and people asking about this color! I will definitely by more

Reviewed by SKie, 03/08/2013

I loveeeeeeeee this product!!

Reviewed by London Honq, 03/08/2013

I love these colors! I want them all! They are bright, glossy and so smooth

Reviewed by Neena C, 03/08/2013

I used to by a lot of Kaior lipstick but they are always so dry and dull. I bought three Lip Glaze because I saw them on instagram. I am completely IN LOVE! These are vibrant, not dry and very glossy. I need them all now! Good job Amber Rose!

Reviewed by Nina A, 02/23/2013

First of all these lip glaze smell like cake and the colors are so rich it's what you see is exactly what u get so the color doesn't look different one you put it on and it last a whole work day maybe just a touch up but the color last I am definitely ordering more colors !!!!!

Reviewed by Bunni, 02/09/2013

I love this product! It's the perfect gloss. I really like that the pictures are the same color. I can't stand when companies photoshop their pictures.

Reviewed by Shari King, 01/31/2013

LOVE!!! I order these because I saw a picture on IG and it is what I have been looking for! So rich and bright! AND GLOSSY!! I will be ordering more very soon!

Reviewed by, 01/31/2013

I love that this is like a gloss but thick and bold like a lipstick. I ordered Charlize and Vanessa and I get compliments all the time. I just wish it cam in more colors

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